School Conferences - GO!

It is important to make every effort to attend your child's school conference no matter what age they are, or if you have already been there, done that with older siblings. And here is why...


Back To School Wisdom - Setting School Year Goals With Your Child

It does not matter the age of your child, whether they are entering kindergarten, or in my case, as my oldest embarks on grad school. A sit down talk is in order and is tailored to the age and grade. This is where our hard earned parenting wisdom pays off. It is a road we have already walked ourselves.


Back To School Wisdom - Setting Goals for Yourself In The New School Year

What are your goals for this school year? Involve yourself more, or step aside? Either way, here are some ideas to get your year off to a great start. Your Must Do List: These are nonnegotiable and you must find a way to do the following:


Ok to say NO!

A child rarely dislikes a parent for the "no" they say, or the food they serve, or the rules they make. If your own child does not like you (really and truly does not like you), it is probably because you don't like your child...