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A wise woman once said to me that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these she said is roots, the other, wings.  And they can only be grown, these roots and these wings, in the home.

  -Hodding Carter

Featured Essays

Harvard University in Boston

How to Survive College Rejection

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Today, more than ever before parents are vying for the top spots offered in all of the best colleges. Just because it is ranked best, is it best for your child?

spring time blues

My Family Has the School Induced Springtime Blues

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Ah, here it is Spring. This is the time of school year when the various blues set in. Holidays have long passed, and kids are looking for the lazy days of summer!

standing up for  yourself

A Doctor, A Principal, and A Clergyman

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Did I tell you the one about the doctor, the principal, and the priest? Actually, this is not the preface to a joke. It is real life, and the people to whom well-educated grown adults fear the most.

Let's Eat!


Feed Me, I’m Yours — Breast vs Formula

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Be gentle with your fellow moms and their choices. Everyone has a story, and their reasons might surprise you. No parent is a failure who nourishes and cares for their child. We are all in this together. What is most important is the overall well being of your individual family unit. I will support your decision either way.


Perfect anytime! Quiche!

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The best thing about quiche is the ease when you take just one little shortcut! The crust!

Cheeseburger pie

Individual Cheesburger Pies With a Kick!

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I adapted this recipe and changed it up a bit from the original impossible cheeseburger pie first offered by bisquick. My family likes flavor and this change up with mexican spices gives it the jump in flavor I was looking for!

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