Nothing to be intimidated by when using this super easy recipe to make your holiday bird. Once you have done the prep work, it is hands off while the oven does its magic! Let it sit and rest for all of the deliciousness to come together and make for a perfect juicy bird everyone at your table will love!
Childhood goes by so fast, and today with less talking and more texting and chatting, some of the best childhood memories are set by the wayside. Share the magic of Santa with your children. Childhood is all about making memories, and not necessarily spending tons of money. Limit the wish list to 3. Here is how...
Ok to say NO!

A child rarely dislikes a parent for the "no" they say, or the food they serve, or the rules they make. If your own child does not like you (really and truly does not like you), it is probably because you don't like your child...


  • Why Children Need a Dad

    The importance of having a dad around should not be underestimated.  You can read studies that say a kid is not really affected if he.
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  • Mothering

    Mothering Excellence – When Perfection is Not Your Thing. Who among us did not have the fantasy that when our little bundle of joy entered.
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  • Missing My Dad on Fathers’ Day

    My dad stenciled the saying above the door outside our home in Seal Beach, California Fortuna Fortibus Fabet. Translation: Fortune Favors the Bold My dad.
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  • A Hole in a Mothers Heart- Trisomy 18

    TRISOMY 18 It was 21 years ago that our sweet Stephanie Marie came into the world.  On the very same day, she went to her.
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